I empower empathic women in business to shatter their financial fears and unlock their true potential, so they can create prosperity seamlessly, without feeling overwhelmed by their power and energy.

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Nice to meet you

Welcome! I’m Jessie – a wealth empowerment coach, spiritual guide, intuitive, and passionate entrepreneur.

My journey from a challenging childhood in Malaysia to becoming a spiritual coach in California is all about resilience and determination. I’ve faced my share of adversity, and now, I’m here to help you tackle those financial blocks and claim the abundance you’re meant for.

With my unique psychic abilities, I’m not just a coach; I’m a bridge between you and the spiritual world. My intuitive insights help uncover hidden truths, shed light on your path, and reveal the incredible potential within you.

My approach is all about recognizing your soul’s purpose, stepping into your power, and achieving success on your own terms.

I firmly believe in the limitless potential of every woman, and I’m dedicated to helping you realize it.

But it’s not just about achieving success, it’s about creating a life that feels fulfilling and joyful. With my guidance, you’ll discover what true fulfillment means to you and how to align your actions with that vision. The goal? A life that not only looks successful on the outside but feels deeply satisfying on the inside.

Join me on this transformative journey, and step into the abundant and fulfilling life you truly deserve.

Ignite Your Financial Potential in just three steps

Discover Your Authentic Blueprint

The first part dive deep into your current situation and uncover the root causes of your money blocks. Through deep introspection, you will recognize your limiting beliefs, and understand the patterns that are holding you back. This is essential as it lays the foundation for the rest of the coaching program. It is all about exploring the self, identifying areas of improvement, and locating the triggers of financial stagnancy.

Transcend Through Transformation

This pillar involves healing from past traumas and transforming these into empowering beliefs. You will work on reprogramming your subconscious minds and replacing self-sabotaging tendencies with positivity. This stage also focuses on developing a self-care routine that heals the soul and raises your energetic vibrations, essential to connect with the Universe and your Guardian Angels.  

Harvest Your Abundant Reality

It’s the implementation phase where you learn to spot and seize opportunities that align with your authentic selves that lead you to financial abundance. Your unique skills and talents will be identified during sessions, and learn how to leverage these in your business. You will learn to what to focus on and take aligned actions towards living a rich and fulfilling life, guided by intuition and spiritual connection.

VIP Coaching


Overcome Sales Block Audit

Uncover your potential and boost your sales with our Overcome Sales Blocks Audit. In this powerful 60-min session, we’ll identify and clear your biggest sales blocks, enhance your confidence and assertiveness, and develop a personalized action plan designed to help you achieve quick wins and lasting success in your sales efforts. Walk away with clear, actionable steps to overcome obstacles and start making more sales effortlessly.


12-Week Holistic Wealth Transformation

Join my 12-week coaching program where we dive deep into mindset, spirituality, and business strategies. We’ll tackle your money blocks, create offers that truly resonate with you, and build your confidence to promote them effortlessly. Achieve financial success in a way that feels natural and aligned with who you are.


Celebrating Their Success



Unlock celestial wisdom with our membership, designed to help you connect with your guardian angels and utilize their divine power to manifest your dreams. Learn to confidently co-create with the Universe, decipher spiritual signs, and communicate effectively with your guardian angels. Master the art of energy sensing and protection, while ensuring your emotional well-being with crucial self-care techniques for empaths and shaping the abundant life you love.


Wealth Wellness Collective

The Wealth Wellness Collective membership is designed to empower individuals to overcome financial challenges and enhance their financial well-being. This membership provides a supportive community where members can engage in mindset exercises, learn financial literacy, and explore manifestation techniques. It aims to heal money trauma, break negative financial patterns, and instill a deeper trust in managing personal wealth. Members gain access to a range of resources that support them in starting a journey towards a more secure and prosperous financial future. Members of Wealth Wellness Collective also gets access to the Clear Money Blocks Club.


Clear Money Blocks Club

Clear Money Blocks Club helps empathic and spiritual women entrepreneurs transform their money blocks into financial ease, peace, and confidence. Through practical tools, guided exercises, and a supportive community, members gain the knowledge and support needed to build sustainable wealth and a healthy relationship with money for only $7/month. Join today!

My Book Offerings

Experience the transformative power of our fillable Money Magnet Planner. Set clear goals, take decisive action, and cultivate mindful spending habits. Cut your time in half, increase your money-making ability, and achieve unparalleled financial abundance. Unleash your full financial potential and create the life you’ve always dreamed of with the Money Magnet Planner!

Dive into the Abundance Affirmation Coloring Book, where creativity meets manifestation! This fun book is packed with 30+ pages featuring captivating designs and powerful affirmations each page focused on attracting wealth and prosperity. Immerse yourself in the art of coloring as you infuse each stroke with positive energy and align your thoughts with abundance. Let the combination of creativity and affirmations unleash the potential for a wealthier mindset. 

The Money Mindset Journal is your key to a positive and abundant relationship with money. With 135 mind-provoking prompts and structured sections across 128 pages, it empowers you to overcome limiting beliefs, gain clarity, and manifest financial abundance. Reduce stress and create a prosperous life with this transformative journal.

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Frequently asked questions

How does your coaching process work?

My coaching process is a holistic and intuitive approach tailored to each individual. It starts with an initial consultation where we delve deep into your current circumstances, identifying any blocks or challenges that you may be facing. From there, we craft a personalized plan that incorporates a mix of coaching sessions, energy healing, intuitive guidance, and practical actions. This plan is designed to empower you to overcome your obstacles, align with your soul purpose, and unlock your abundance potential.

What makes your coaching style unique and effective?

What sets my coaching style apart is my unique blend of spiritual connection, intuitive abilities, and practical real-world experience. I leverage my psychic medium abilities to provide insights that may not be immediately apparent, allowing us to address the root cause of issues rather than just the surface symptoms. In addition, my diverse educational background and corporate experience allow me to bring a multidimensional approach, bridging the spiritual and the tangible to facilitate real change.

Who is an ideal candidate for your coaching services?

My coaching is ideally suited for women who are ready to step into their power and create significant transformations in their lives. They may feel stuck, overwhelmed, or unfulfilled, and are eager to overcome their blocks and align with their true purpose. Whether they’re entrepreneurs looking to dissolve money blocks or individuals yearning to manifest fulfilling relationships and opportunities, I am here to guide them.

What kind of transformation can a client expect from your coaching?

A client can expect to experience a deep personal transformation. This includes releasing old wounds and traumas, cultivating self-love and empowerment, and aligning with their soul purpose. In practical terms, they can expect to overcome money blocks, manifest high-quality relationships, and attract great opportunities in their personal and professional lives. Essentially, they’ll be stepping into a more fulfilling, abundant version of themselves.

Why should someone unsure about coaching decide to work with you?

If you’re unsure about coaching, consider this: my approach is about much more than traditional coaching. It’s about facilitating a deep, transformative journey that empowers you to align with your true self and live the life you deserve. It’s not just about overcoming obstacles; it’s about unlocking your full potential. If you’re ready for a transformation that extends beyond the superficial and into the core of who you are, then my coaching may be the catalyst you’ve been searching for. Send me a DM and we’ll chat over Messenger to see if it’s a fit. I can tell with a short chat whether you fit or not.

Why should someone invite you for a speaking engagement or a podcast guest spot?

As a speaker or podcast guest, I bring not only my professional knowledge and insights but also my personal journey of resilience and transformation. My story serves as a powerful testament to the human spirit’s ability to overcome adversity and step into their power. In addition, my unique blend of spirituality and practicality allows me to connect with diverse audiences, inspiring and empowering them to embrace their own transformative journey.

Money Back Guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, there is a 7 DAY money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction and confidence in my solution.

If,  for any reason, within 7 days from purchase, you are not completely satisfied with the products and/or monthly membership, simply reach out to the support team, who will gladly process a refund.

I am committed to delivering value and helping you achieve your online marketing goals.