Are you an entrepreneur who values

spiritual alignment and intuition as much as business success?

The Prosperous Soul Activation session is designed to bridge your entrepreneurial aspirations with

your deeper spiritual wisdom, transforming your approach to sales and business strategy.

7 Day Refund Guarantee

The Power of Coaching

My Client Experienced


Have you ever felt like traditional business strategies just don’t align with your heart and spirit?

You’re not alone. Many spiritually aligned entrepreneurs have walked the same challenging path.

The problem is that you’ve tried:

High-Pressure Sales Tactics

BUT this approach felt inauthentic and uncomfortable, creating a personal and moral conflict that went against your nature as a heart-centered entrepreneur.

One-Size-Fits-All Strategies

BUT without considering your unique value proposition, these strategies led to ineffective campaigns and left you feeling lost in the crowd.

Excessive Focus on Financial Goals

BUT this approach often overlooked personal fulfillment and spiritual alignment, leading to burnout and a sense of emptiness, even in the face of financial success.

Imagine being able to…

Receive clients who get you flocking to your door

Always knowing just the right move for your business

Sell easily because it feels like a casual chat

Have fun promoting because you're just sharing your story

Make money while staying true to yourself

7 Day Refund Guarantee

A behind-the-scenes look at my client who

attracted 10 new clients super quickly

“I attracted 10 new paying clients within a month of working with Jessie, without social media marketing or networking.

That was way more than what I expected from coaching, because I was thinking, “Oh, maybe she will give me tools to do, things to market on.” As a result, I broke my income ceiling.

Sharon Tan, Craniosacral Therapist

Embrace Your Authenticity;

It’s Your Business Edge

When you’re authentically you, your unique value shines, attracting clients who appreciate and resonate with your genuine approach.

Hi, I’m Jessie

When I went full-time on my online venture in 2020, I really struggled to run my business that feels authentically me.

I ended up wasting over $30k on coaching programs and 2 years of my life working endlessly to market and sell. While I made more money following their strategies, I traumatised myself selling aggressively, and felt absolutely out of alignment and unfulfilled. 

It was only after I finally ditched every method I ever learned from the coaches, I started healing my nervous system with mindset work, incorporate the invisible helping hand of the Higher Power, and realign my generosity, my strengths to my business model and offers is when I began to get (and manifest) the results I dreamt of. 

Now, I finally came up with my signature method to grow my business that helps me feel great selling with ease and showing up confidently. As a result, I make and attract money doing what I love — and have time freedom creating memories with my family. 

And now I want to share that method with you…



The Prosperous Soul Activation

The 60-minutes 1-on-1 coaching experience for entrepreneurs seeking to reframe their approach to business and wealth so that they can manifest increased income and success

7 Day Refund Guarantee

From Money Stress to Financial Clarity in One Session

Leslie Lew, Women’s Empowerment Coach

You Will Walk Away With:

60-Min Session Personalized Attention

Using my 10 years experience as a coach so that you can identify and overcome personal barriers to financial success, leading to more effective and satisfying business operations.

Intuitive Business Insights

Benefit from my intuitive abilities so that you can gain deeper understand and clarity about your business direction and decisions.

Customized Actionable Plan

Receive a tailored 3-step plan for the next 30 days so that you can implement practical strategies for immediate improvements in sales and client attraction.

BONUS 🎁 Audio Recording Call

Sent to your inbox after our session, so that you can focus on our time together, ensuring you’re on the path to success.

BONUS 🎁 Google Doc

Get a typed out, detailed 3-step plan on a shared document so that you are clear and confident on your action steps for the next 30 days.

BONUS 🎁 Meeting Notes

Valuable transcript of our coaching to turn our conversation notes into social media and email contents.

BONUS 🎁 Access To Income Booster Strategies To Replay

Access this insightful 2-hour training to create Yummy Offers and easy Marketing strategies with real life scenarios to apply to your business right away! Get inspired and get creative with attracting more income in your business. All methods have been tried and tested, and have made me 5 figure months!

Only Available Until May 31

Total value: $400

Your Special Offer $197

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Why Choose This Activation Call?


You get pinpoint on your challenge swiftly, straight to the solution from my ability as an intuitive


You are able to scale 5-6 figures a month because I've helped numerous entrepreneurs like yourself


You would see a huge shift with positive impacts in business and life like my other clients


You would be relief from emotional blocks, frustration and fears that had been holding you back


You get solid actionable personalized plan and valuable resources from my 10 years of online business and coaching experience

I can also help you with the following:

✔️ Offering, Packages & Pricing

✔️ Scaling & Expansion

✔️ Marketing / Social Media Strategy

✔️ Impostor Syndrome

✔️ Work-Life Balance

✔️ Guilt, Shame & Fear

✔️ Getting Unstuck

✔️ Clear Blockages

✔️ Energetic Alignment to Soul Purpose

✔️ Scarcity & Limiting Mindset

✔️ Money Trauma

✔️ Self Sabotaging Behaviors

✔️ Breaking Negative Pattern

✔️ Direction Towards Financial Success

It Just Take 3 Simple Steps

This Is How It Works To Make The Income You Desire

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with links to book a time, to download your bonuses, and a questionnaire to help me best use our time together.

Sit Back & Relax!

Let me help you untie the knots and give you a game plan. Then, receive the audio recording post the session to refer to anytime. 

7 Day Refund Guarantee

Big Results & Shifts from Entrepreneurs Just Like You

You Have A 7 Day No-Questions-Asked-Money-Back-Guarantee & Can Cancel Any Time

If you give your 100% and you take action, I promise you would love this because so many clients have gone through my coaching and they have felt amazing.

7 Day Refund Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the combination of coaching and intuitive guidance work in this offer?

The combination of mindset coaching and angelic guidance creates a powerful synergy that addresses both practical and spiritual aspects of your journey. With mindset coaching, we focus on shifting limiting beliefs and empowering you with actionable strategies to achieve your financial goals. Angelic guidance enhances this process by providing intuitive insights, clarity, and support from a higher realm spiritual perspective. Together, they help you align your thoughts, actions, and energy to manifest abundance and create a fulfilling life.

What can I expect from the 60-minute coaching session?

In the 60-minute coaching session, you can expect a transformative experience tailored to your unique needs and goals. We’ll uncover blocks, limiting beliefs, and opportunities for growth. You’ll gain clarity, insights, and practical strategies to propel you towards financial abundance and soul alignment. By the end of the session, you’ll feel empowered, inspired, and equipped to take meaningful steps towards your desired outcomes.

How will the personalized game plan help me in achieving my financial goals?

The personalized game plan is designed exclusively for you based on the insights and discoveries from our coaching session. It provides a clear roadmap, outlining actionable steps, practical strategies, and recommended practices tailored to your specific goals and challenges. By following the game plan, you’ll have a focused and structured approach to overcome obstacles, manifest abundance, and stay aligned with your soul’s purpose.

Is this offer suitable for individuals with different levels of spiritual beliefs or practices?

Yes, this offer is designed to be inclusive and accessible to individuals with varying spiritual beliefs or practices. Whether you are new to the concept of angelic guidance or have a well-established spiritual path, the Prosperous Soul Activation welcomes everyone seeking transformation and abundance. The coaching is grounded in practical strategies while also incorporating angelic guidance, making it a harmonious blend for individuals from diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

How is the Prosperous Soul Activation different from other coaching programs?

The Prosperous Soul Activation stands out from other coaching programs as it offers a unique combination of mindset coaching and angelic guidance. This powerful blend addresses both the practical and spiritual aspects of your financial journey, providing you with comprehensive support. While mindset coaching empowers you with actionable strategies, angelic guidance offers intuitive insights and divine assistance, helping you align with the flow of abundance and accelerate your progress. 

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with the session?

As much as I want to ensure your satisfaction, I’m unable to offer refunds for the session. The time and effort invested in the coaching session are valuable and cannot be reversed. My commitment is to provide you with the utmost value and a transformative experience during our time together. 

Can I book additional coaching sessions after the Prosperous Soul Activation?

Absolutely! After the Prosperous Soul Activation, you have the option to continue your transformative journey in a coaching package. This offer longer-term support, deeper exploration, and continued growth on your path to abundance. To be eligible for the package, you have to complete the Prosperous Soul Activation session first. 

When will I start seeing positive changes and results in my life after the session?

The timing of results varies for each individual, and it is influenced by your openness to change and implementation of the insights gained during the session. For clients who are open-minded, receptive, and actively apply the guidance provided, positive changes can manifest quickly. The more you align your actions with the guidance received, the faster you can experience transformation.

What should I do to prepare for the coaching session?

Before our session, you will receive a questionnaire to help you prepare for our time together. Please take the time to fill it out thoughtfully and honestly. This will allow me to gain insights into your specific goals, challenges, and desires, ensuring our coaching is targeted and effective. During our call, we’ll use this information as a foundation to dive deeper into your journey towards prosperity and soul alignment. Be ready to share openly and embrace the transformative experience that awaits you. All I ask from you is to be open to receive. 

Your Vulnerability is a Strength, Not a Liability

Your prosperous journey begins with one call.

Let’s uncover your potential, shed those limiting beliefs, and set you on a path to impactful and profitable success!

7 Day Refund Guarantee




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